The Rocket Stop Incident – Alpha Demo

The Rocket Stop Incident is a tense and atmospheric puzzle-driven first person horror adventure where things get very weird as you explore a local Rocket Stop gas station.

In The Rocket Stop Incident you find yourself at a gas station which actually seems to be more of a weird motel. After being greeted by a freaky long arm that hands you a coin and tells you to go upstairs for a “mandatory celebration”. From there on things just get weirder as walls mysteriously shift and you find yourself trapped in the building. You’ll need to search for clues and solve puzzles to escape, but it doesn’t seem like you’re alone in there!

You never know what to expect as you explore the dark recesses of the Rocket Stop. It’s packed full of clever brain-teasers and secrets to uncover and there’s also the small matter of the eerie shadowy figures that appear now and again to freak you out. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere and mystery as you find yourself trapped inside its surreal environments. There is a P.T.-esque looping corridor segment that falls a little flat, but it’s a great game nonetheless and by the end of the demo you’ll be dying to find out more!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rocket Stop Incident Alpha Demo Here (Steam)