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The Room

The Room is a truly terrifying low rez first-person horror game, in which you must navigate ten rooms, and use an Aliens-style motion detector to avoid invisible monster (well, invisible until it jumps out and scares the living daylights out of you anyway).

The motion detector scenes were always the most terrifying part of Aliens – thanks to the fact that you knew the monsters were there, but you just couldn’t see them.  The Room builds tension in the same way, but with the added worries of being unarmed, and being locked in a small room with a invisible monster.  You must use your motion detector to avoid the monster, collect the key and make it to the exit of ten rooms.  It’s a ridiculously nerve wracking experience, especially if the monster catches you.

Needless to say The Room is a very jump scare filled experience, this is thanks the tense atmosphere the pant-wettingly terrifying monster that can spring out of thin air.  Highly recommended jump scare horror.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Room Here (Windows Only)