The Rubber Robbery – Game Jam Build Download

The Rubber Robbery is a tricky little arcade game in which you attempt to steal and escape with as much loot as possible while avoiding being shot by your own bouncing rubber bullets.

The Rubber Robbery is made up of two separate phases – the robbery phase and the escape phase. During the robbery phase your aim is to shoot rubber bullets around the store you’re trying to rob, causing lots of cash to fall out the machines the bullets bounce off which you can then collect. You can get hit by your own bullets as much as you like in this phase, but it will slow you down and hamper your loot grabbing activities.

What happens in the escape phase is dependent on how well you did in the robbery phase, with you having 3 lives to escape from a minimum, medium or maximum security jail (depending on how much cash you stole). In each case you’ll need to shoot guards with your rubber bullets, grab key cards and escape via the doors on the right, with the medium and maximum security jails having more rooms with more guards for you to make your way through.

It’s a fun game that it can be tough if you attempt to grab a big haul and escape a maximum security prison – especially as the more bullets you fire, the more chance you have of getting hit yourself!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rubber Robbery Here (Windows & Mac)