The Search Party That Never Came – Student Project game

The Search Party That Never Came is a freaky little five minute PS1-era styled horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a chainsaw wielding masked psycho in a maze-like building.

During its brief play time, The Search Party That Never Came offers up an interesting mix of play styles and camera placement that makes it feel a little like a super-condensed homage to Resident Evil 1 to 7. It starts from a Resident Evil 1-esque fixed camera perspective, then switches to a Resident Evil 4-esque 3rd person perspective and finally swaps to a first person viewpoint, a little like Resident Evil 7 but with no mouse control of the camera.

It’s very short, but it’s a very freaky little game with a great sense of atmosphere and in interesting mixture of viewpoints. There’s no combat and you only have to deal with one homicidal maniac, but there’s a real sense of terror as you run for your life through the dark PS1-era styled environments. A tense little bite sized retro horror game well worth sinking your teeth into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Search Party That Never Came Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)