The Shifting Catacombs of Mu’ralagh – Game Jam Build Download

The Shifting Catacombs of Mu ralagh Game

The Shifting Catacombs of Mu’ralagh is a stylish and inventive puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 38, that has you avoiding traps and exploring a little tomb in the desert that constantly expands and changes depending on your actions.

You start off in a small area of the desert, in a small area surrounded by sandstone. There is a button there that you can push – this will reveal more of the area and give you a larger space to explore. As you make your way around, pushing buttons and revealing new areas, you will find that some places are dangerous to walk.

You must figure out how to overcome these areas to push more buttons and continue on in this little area. The Shifting Catacombs of Mu’ralagh is a short experience, but a fun one at that. The transition of new areas, popping up and changing old places, really adds a lot of wonder to the catacombs you are trapped in. A charming, challenging and relaxing little adventure full of fun little surprises!

Download The Shifting Catacombs Here (Windows & Mac)