The Shifting Room – Game Jam Build Download


The Shifting Room, a creepy puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you trying to escape from an ever changing room where all is not as it seems.

You have woken up in a strange room, unsure of how you got here, you need to find a way out or someone to talk too. There are various objects in the room – some of which can be interacted with or combined as in a point and click adventure. You will get a short description of what this object is or what it needs to work. By interacting with objects in the room, you are able to find items and make your way out of the room. The only thing is – you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. You seem to just be going into new versions of the last room that you have escaped.

Each room seems to get a bit creepier, showing you something a bit more twisted. There’s is no going back and your actions throughout the game will have an impact on wether you reach the games true ending or not.  Will you ever find your way out of these rooms or be trapped in this strange place forever?

Download The Shifting Room Here (Win Only)