The Shop of Good Memories – Browser Game

The Shop of Good Memories is a charming little social experience where you visit a little shop full of other people’s good memories, where you can take one memory and leave one of your own in return.

In The Shop of Good Memories you enter a cozy little shop which is filled with objects that contain memories. These memories have been left by other players and you can browse through them by clicking on them. When you decide which memory you’d like to take home then you can then write down a good memory of your own for someone else to enjoy.

It’s a delightful little experience that does a good job of spreading a little positivity and happiness. Interestingly, it’s actually the writing of the memories that is the most uplifting part of the process, because it makes you think back to those happy times as you try to best describe them in the limited space you are given. See what happy memories you uncover in this delightful little shop.

Play The Shop of Good Memories Here (Browser)

1 thought on “The Shop of Good Memories – Browser Game”

  1. I once had a squirrel trapped in my bedroom.
    It had snuck in through a broken window, (not repaired for two years). It hid under the old dresser/chest’o drawers and my burgeoning starter-hoarderpile: I poked at it a lot, (with like a broom, wrapping paper tubes and otherstuff, until i decided to guide it gently out of the window.
    When it left I cleaned up the area it had been in and found and old ‘kill bill’ pantsuit.
    The hooded jacket had four hundred bucks in it.

    I’d lost the downstairs tennent’s rent a couple years previously. The squirrel could not have helped me at a better time.
    I named him ‘Moneypots’, and his descendants still hang in the garage.

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