The Shore – Alpha Demo

The Shore is a beautiful H.P. Lovecraft inspired first person horror adventure where a father tries to preserve his sanity while searching for his missing daughter on an island filled with massive eldritch monstrosities.

In The Shore you follow the story of a father who has lost his daughter, Ellie, and has found himself washed up on the shores of a mysterious island. You must now piece together the dark secrets of the island, under the guidance of a mysterious stranger who says he can help if you help him first. It blends mystery with horror as you explore the island, discover its secrets, solve puzzles and encounter a variety of terrifying (and often huge) Lovecraftian monsters.

Even in its current stage of development, The Shore is a very impressive experience, with an interesting setting, an intriguing narrative and gorgeous near-photorealistic visuals. The island is a fascinating place to explore and the huge eldritch monstrosities you encounter really are are jaw-dropping to see in action. The demo download comes in at a whopping 13GB, but it’s certainly worth checking out if you have the bandwidth and the hard-drive space. Highly recommended.

You Can Support The Development of the Game Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Shore Alpha Demo Here (Windows – 13GB)

1 thought on “The Shore – Alpha Demo”

  1. Just tried this gem in VR, I could not resist those landscapes and feel, I think one needs to get the sense of scale and nothing like VR to experience that.
    Please, please, please make a VR compatibility version of it.
    Nothing had prepared me to that giant spider, now, I had to take a break after it chased me in the maze level!

    I am aware that this is still a Demo and you are probably working hard on it, looking forward to the next version.

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