The Sinking Feeling – GameJam Build Download

that singling feeling

The Sinking Feeling, a Music Video(game) Jam entry, is a different sort of game. The Music Video(game) Jam challenged developers to make a game that showcases a particular song. This game needed to highlight the music, end when the music did, and feel satisfying, all of which The Sinking Feeling has accomplished very well.

Using the song The Last Level, by Two Parent Home, this beautiful game puts the player on a doomed ship.  Lost at sea in horrible weather, you are the only one in diving gear. When the ship suddenly breaks, you start to float deep down into the water. Around you swim fish, sharks, octopuses, all of which can be seen with your glow stick, but then the scene changes and you are a girl, hunting for a butterfly in a pretty green world. The game switches back and forth, going between a light, playful scene to the dark, mysterious deeps of underwater.

Games that are made in this way have to be played and felt rather than written about. I cannot write about the music and how the atmosphere brought about by such a song touches the minimum gameplay. That even though there is not much going on, other than chasing a butterfly and falling into the ocean, that the game draws you in. You want to know what is going to happen at the end of the song and how these two different places are linked.

The Sinking Feeling is a beautiful audio visual experience and well worth playing through to completion for a satisfying conclusion you won’t see coming.

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Download The Sinking Feeling HERE (Win only)