The Smart – Game Jam Build Download

The Smart is a ridiculously tough Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy style physics based climbing game where you attempt to overcome a wide variety of obstacles using a wierd little spinning paddle.

Created for the Studio 1 Physics Games Jam, The Smart plays a lot like Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, but rather than using a sledgehammer to propel yourself, you control a little spinning paddle. The paddle is split into two halves and you can move one side clockwise by pressing the right trigger and you can move the other side anti-clockwise by pressing the let trigger. Rotating your two halves are your only form of propulsion so you’ll have to master it to beat the game.

There’s no soundtrack or sound FX and it is possible to get stuck in certain places, but other then that The Smart is a fun (and suitably frustrating) game. There’s a lot of entertainment to be squeezed from it’s unique control scheme and it’s not all about precision – you have to solve the odd puzzle too.

Download The Smart Here (Windows & Mac)