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the snow must go

The Snow Must Go is a short, funny, and very pretty first person platforming adventure set in the year 8016AD, in which you play a hermit who lives on a fragment of what was Earth, who must go and shout at the sun to bring spring time to his little land!

The Snow Must Go takes place in the distant future, where the earth has blown up into a billion fragments, but people manage to cling to fragments of it and eek out an existence (such as your hermit who lives on fragment #1742016). It’s been a long, cold winter and somehow the sun has got stuck – seeing as you’re the only person on this rock, it’s up to you to give the sun a push in the right direction and bring in the summer.

Taking place over four short, but nicely varied stages, you must help your hermit through frozen landscapes, arid deserts and the occasional hallucination, picking up the occasional upgrade as you go. As soon as you get a glimpse of the visuals in The Snow Must Go, you know you’re in for a treat, with a beautiful low poly wintery expanse laid out in front of you. Then your space hermit talks, and you know you’re in for some laughs too, with some tongue in cheek, fourth wall breaking dialogue and some accidental cruelty to sun fragments. It’s a fabulous little first person adventure well worth giving a go – especially if you’ve just had a long, cold winter!

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Check Out a Gameplay Video of The Snow Must Go Here

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

2 thoughts on “The Snow Must Go – Game Jam Build Download”

  1. Holy shit!

    Thank you soo much for covering our game.

    It was a gamejam result of which we are really proud!

    This is really, really cool to see. 0.0

    -Tim van Kan (Skijwalker, 1/2 people that spend too many hours that weekend working on this)

    • Haha, it’s our pleasure! Really love the game and glad to spread the word about it. Funny, stylish and full of surprises. Great work! :)

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