The Spell – Prototype Download


The Spell is a fast paced top down combat game that plays a lot like Hotline Miami, but with you controlling a wizard who storms a castle, using powerful spells that can burn down buildings, blast through walls and rip your enemies to pieces.

The Spell tells a tale of eight wizards who stumbled upon a source of immense power. Fearing that your companions may become corrupted by the power, you (one of the wizards) fled to a faraway land. But now three hundred years later, you have to confront the tyrannical wizards and end their reign of terror.

Although the setting and your firepower are very different, the combat in The Spell feels fondly reminiscent of Hotline Miami, with fast paced, visceral and bloody combat that feels immensely satisfying. You have five main abilities – kinetic shield, pyrokinesis, air blast, telekinesis and projectile. Each of which can do serious damage to enemies and has physics based effects on the environment.

There’s not much in the way of stealth, but there’s plenty of strategy involved in the combat, as you use different spells for different situations. All of your spells have uses, but two of the most fun powers to play around with are pyrokinesis and projectiles. Pyrokinesis can burn mobs of enemies, set fire to the environment and even burn down entire buildings, while your projectiles can blast holes in walls, smash scenery and rip your enemies in two.

The Spell is still early in development so does have a few bugs, but the core gameplay is already very satisfying, with fast paced and fluid physics-based combat that’s packed full of bloody carnage and destruction. After a few minutes of playing, this brutal top down wizardy combat game will really put a spell on you!

Check Out Some The Spell Gameplay Footage Here

Download The Spell Prototype Here (Windows)