The Spooky Cave – Alpha Download

the spooky cave 1

The Spooky Cave is a fun new twin-stick dungeon crawling roguelike with great pixel art visuals, procedurally generated levels, fluid combat, and bucket loads of loot.

Best played with a controller (but still working well with a mouse), you use the left stick to control your character movement and the right stick to swing your weapon.  It’s a fun combat system that makes you feel a little bit more involve that your average dungeon crawler.

There are loads of weapons to find and experiment with, from sacred swords to assault rifles, as well as other equipment like hats and shields.  Die and you’ll lose everything bar your cash and consumables, but it’s no big deal, each time you start you awaken in a cave with lots of random weaponry for you to choose from.

Even in these early stages of development, The Spooky Cave is great fun.  Offering up tons of loot and fast, fluid twin-stick combat in a pixelated dungeon crawling roguelike setting.  Spooky spelunking.

Download The Spooky Cave Alpha HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)