The Spy Who Shot Me – Prototype Download

The Spy Who Shot Me is a very silly N64 styled retro FPS James Bond Parody that sees you taking control of Agent 7 – a super spy with an itchy trigger finger and a penchant for cheesy one liners.

The Spy Who Shot Me will be a globe trotting adventure with vehicles, gadgets and 8 player competitive multiplayer combat. The current build gives a taster of this vision, with you taking Agent 7 on a single mission where he attempts to stop nukes from blowing up the White House.

It plays a bit like Goldeneye, with a healthy dose of auto aiming and no vertical aiming (the mouse isn’t used in the game). The gameplay is fast and fun, with you attempting to run and gun your way to the nuke and back to the exit before the timer reaches zero.

The current keyboard based control scheme does take a little getting used to, but once you get to grips with it The Spy Who Shot Me offers a nice slice of retro FPS action. It impresses with its simple, but fun run and gun gameplay, cool N64-era art style and silly sense of humor. We’ll look forward to seeing more of Agent 7’s adventures in the future!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Spy Who Shot Me Prototype Here (Windows)