The Star Named EOS – Beta Demo

The Star Named EOS is a beautiful chilled out narrative-driven puzzle adventure where a young boy recreates his missing mother’s photographs in order to discover what happened to her.

In The Star Named EOS (from the creators of Behind The Frame) you are a promising young photographer whose mother mysteriously disappeared. You will explore beautiful hand-drawn panoramic spaces where you will solve puzzles that will allow you to recreate specific photos your mother had taken. This then transports you to the location that your mother’s photo was taken and you continue the process from there.

The demo build of The Star Named EOS gives you one location and one photo to recreate. It takes place in your bedroom and sees you trying to recreate a photo of a window that your mother had taken. The room is packed full of clever little puzzles to solve and you also learn about you and your mother’s story in the process too.

As with Behind The Frame, the hand drawn artwork in The Star Named EOS is incredible and the environments are beautifully crafted. The bedroom area is packed full of creatively designed puzzles and each one feels very unique. It’s also a very pleasant and cozy place to spend some time in, making for a stress free, but cerebrally challenging puzzle experience. Highly recommended.

Download The Star Named EOS Beta Demo Here (Steam)