The Starry Expanse Project – Beta Sign-Up

starry expanse game

The Starry Expanse Project (also known as simply Starry Expanse or sometimes realRiven) is an official fan project to remake the game Riven: The Sequel to Myst in real time 3D.

The original Riven was a very highly regarded puzzle adventure that was essentially an interactive slideshow of 2-dimensional pictures that changed based on where a person clicked their mouse.  The Starry Expanse Project is working on creating a fully 3D interactive world while paying fastidious attention to the source material.  The devs have done a fantastic job so far, building a beautiful and mysterious world full of awe and mystery, that plays like a first person puzzle adventure, but still feels authentically ‘Riven’.

If you’re a big fan of Riven or Myst, we’d really recommend checking out Ethereon too, but for a fully satisfying return to the wonderful world of Riven, you’ll certainly want to check out The Starry Expanse Project – made for Riven fans by Riven fans.

Download the Old 2012 Demo Build HERE (Win & Mac)

Sign Up for the Beta HERE