The Static Speaks My Name – Prototype Download

the static speaks my name game

The Static Speaks My Name is a wickedly dark first person exploration adventure, that sees you fulfilling a few objectives on your last day alive on earth.

You play a man who is obsessed with the meaning behind a painting of two palm trees, and this obsession has driven him to some very dark places indeed.  To say much more than that will spoil the game, but lets just say the objectives you carry out fluctuate between the mundane (Clean the Microwave) to the macabre (Wait till you find out what objective 5 is).

A full playthough of The Static Speaks My Name will take around 10 minutes, and we’d certainly recommend giving it a go.  It’s an unforgettable experience, full of surprises, great attention to detail and dark humor. A static shocker – Highly recommended.

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Watch out play through of it HERE (Contains Spoilers)

UPDATE: The Full Game Is Now Released On Steam For Free, Get It HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)