The Station – Alpha Demo

The Station game

The Station is a charming pixel art action RPG the plays like a mix of The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, in which you solve puzzles, capture creatures and use them to fight off strange shadowy monsters known as ‘Dark Foggies’.

The Alpha Demo build of The Station features around 20 minutes of gameplay, with you playing a new recruit who must pass tests set by his colleague, battle enemies and escape the dungeon. The world of The Station is filled with puzzles to solve and monsters called the ‘Dark Foggies’, but thankfully you have some useful items that will aid your progress. The ‘Capture Wand’ is a useful object which allows you to interact with objects that are out of reach, stun enemies and capture friendly creatures. Once captured, you can use these creatures to fight enemies with their unique attacks.

Combat is all done in real time, and you control these friendly creatures much as you would a gun – with you pointing and firing where you want them to attack. As you kill more Dark Foggies you’ll earn XP to level up the creatures, but you have to be careful – get hit and you won’t only lose health, you’ll lose some of your creatures XP.

The writing and animation throughout the Alpha Demo build is excellent, with humorous dialogue and silly characters that make exploring the dungeon a joy. If you’re looking for a light hearted action RPG romp, you won’t egret visiting The Station.

Download The Station Alpha Demo Here (Windows)