The Story of the Flood – Open Beta

The Story of the Flood is a stylish and sombre adventure where you paddle a little raft through a flooded post-apocalyptic world and make tough decisions on what five items, animals or people you can rescue in it.

In The Story of the Flood you find yourself on a little raft in a world that’s totally flooded with water. As you paddle along you come across useful objects and even animals and people that you can rescue and take along with you. However, you only have space for five things and the choices you make can lead to some very different endings.

It’s a very interesting little game that forces you to make some tough decisions on your journey. Will you throw a water purifier overboard so that you can rescue a dog? Is the Mona Lisa more valuable to you than the life of an escaped prisoner? Or will you just decide to nuke the world and end it all? The choices are all yours on your little raft at the end of the world!

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