The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon – Game Jam Build Download

the story of the revolutionary watermellon

The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon (Fully titled as ‘The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon That Wanted To Live Free as a Bird and learned how to escape”) is a short, strange and oddly addictive physics based melon rolling adventure in which you attempt to assist a humble little watermelon as it makes a break for freedom!

Watermelons aren’t the most motile of objects, but this one has the ability to propel itself forwards and up in the air a little every time you press the spacebar. Your jump directions are semi-random though and your movement is physics-based, with you gaining or losing inertia depending on the slope of terrain you’re on.

There are a few hazards and obstacles to contend with as you make your escape, but by far the biggest danger is yourself. Watermelons aren’t the toughest of objects and if you get a little overzealous with your jumping (by jumping too high or landing on hard objects) you may end up cracking open and dying before you ever get a taste of that sweet freedom.

It only takes a few minutes to complete The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon but it’s well worth checking out as it’s great fun wrestling with its endearingly clumsy physics based movement and the fabulous audio and visual design really draw you in. Join in this great melon escape!

Download The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon Here (Windows & Mac)