The StoryTale – Alpha Download

The StoryTale is a charming and challenging storybook platforming adventure with two very different playable characters and lots of fun spells that shake up the gameplay.

In The StoryTale you follow the adventure of an immortal Prince and a little Princess who knows a bunch of useless spells. The Prince is on a quest to save a kidnapped princess and the Princess is on a mission to save the Prince before dawn. Each character has their own unique levels, with the Prince’s generally being easier as he can’t die and the Princess’ ones being more varied as she casts lots of spells that can dramatically change the gameplay – so in one level you may be able to slow down time, in another you may turn into a giant and crush your enemies, or in another time may only move when you move (SUPERHOT style).

It’s a fun game with high quality pixel art animation and inventive level design and gameplay modifiers that offer up a new twist to the gameplay with each level. A great little storybook platforming adventure full of charm and creativity.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The StoryTale Here (Windows)

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