The Stowaway – Game Jam Build

the stowaway

The Stowaway is a short greyscale recreation of the first Alien movie, putting you in control of the alien as it stalks the crew one by one, growing larger, faster and stronger with each brutal kill.

It’s a super stylish and brutal stealth game, with you sneaking up and mauling the crew to death one by one.  You’re not strong enough to take a full frontal assault, but the crew aren’t too bright, so you can lure them out and attack when they get close.  As you grow larger with every kill, you’ll soon go from a feeble little bug to a massive bloodthirsty monster.

There doses to be a bit of an issue with some crewmembers getting stuck in the walls, but other than that The Stowaway is an excellent retro xenomorph excursion.  In space no-one can hear you slaughter.

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