The Strange High House – Student Game Download

The Strange High House is an atmospheric horror adventure based on H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Strange High House In The Mist“, where you search a small ancient house perched atop a high cliff for signs of your missing uncle.

In the The Strange High House you step into the shoes of the nephew of a philosopher called Thomas Olney. Thomas had recently taken a liking to the small coastal village of Kingsport, but has recently gone missing. Your search for him takes you to an isolated old house that sits at the end of a craggy finger of land and atop a very high cliff. Upon reaching the house, it soon becomes apparent that your uncle has been dabbling with Eldritch horrors best left alone.

There are no jump-scares or terrifying monsters in The Strange High House. Instead it draws its unsettling atmosphere from the location, the Lovecraftian lore and the narrative. The location of the house is particularly well chosen as it’s almost entirely surrounded by sky and sea, making you feel like you’re on the edge of the world and peering into the vastness of eternity. Just be wary about what’s peering back!

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Download The Strange High House Here (Windows)