The Stranger – Student Project Download

The Stranger

The Stranger is a wonderfully quirky first person puzzle adventure, in which you explore a beautiful cel shaded tropical island and meet some very odd characters.

Your ‘guides’ on this journey are a grumpy Triangle-on-a-stick thing called Headwall and a mischievous little squirrel who wants you to join his ‘bone squad’.  Headwall want’s you to leave the island well alone as you may upset the balance, but the squirrel wants to take you on an adventure.  No prizes for guessing which option you choose!

Taking around half an hour to complete, you journey around the island you’ll activate strange mechanisms, uncover secrets and find lots of strange trinkets which must of washed up on the island – from energy drinks to a musical keyboards.  It’s a real joy exploring the vibrant island, full of life and charming characters for you to meet.  It’s well worth a download – you won’t regret spending time with this beautiful stranger!

To shoot basket and join the squirrel’s bone club, simply pick up the basket ball with ‘E’, aim and hold the left mouse button to charge your shot and release to shoot.

Download The Stranger HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)