The Sunbear Conspiracy – Prototype

The Sunbear Conspiracy is a delightfully silly little game that pokes fun at the recent sun bear controversy as you dress up as a sun bear and pose for visitors to the zoo.

As you may be aware, there was recently a very funny news story regarding a sun bear in a Chinese zoo that looked a whole lot like a man in a bear suit. The Sunbear Conspiracy parodies this story in a hilarious way and puts you in the role of the fake sun bear.

You need to move around your enclosure to get into the view of the visitors and then strike a pose before they take their picture. The happy visitors will then throw flowers at you for you to collect and increase your score. However, you need to avoid gusts of wind as they can knock your mask off and expose your charade.

It’s a simple, addictive and fun little game that’s a lot better than a parody game has any right to be. It’s a great idea that could be a lot of fun to expand on – perhaps with an entire fake zoo!

Play The Sunbear Conspiracy Here (Browser)