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The Sundew is a stylish point and click adventure that draws inspiration from the world of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson, in which you are a cyber-police officer in a futuristic cyberpunk city where robotic automation has made life safe, but dull (though things may be about to change!)

In The Sundew you take on the role of a gruff and hard drinking Decker-esque cyber-police officer called Anna Isobe, whose life has become a little tedious due to the automation of many jobs by robots. You’re not fond of robots in general or even the smartphone-esque implant that you wear, but that’s the way of life in the futuristic Japanese city of Shibukawa. Things may be about to change though – there’s news of a big hacking attack on the network and there’s a mysterious plant that is growing in the city that seems to have an effect on your implants…

The current build of The Sundew takes around 20 minutes to play through and really impresses with its high quality pixel artwork, fun puzzle design, interesting characters and intriguing story. It does need to figure out a way of highlighting its hotspots a little as some objects are very small (such as the Botaxi terminal) and can be easy to miss if they’re right next to another larger interactable object. Other than that though it’s a great start to a very promising cyberpunk point and click adventure. A stylish and mature sci-fi adventure well worth checking out.

Note: You can click on the red eye on the right side of the screen to phone people with your implant

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    Wow, thanks a lot for the article and for the praise! It’s very nice to read that about my work. Your article is nice, I like the way you write, and interesting to read, you really understood the world of The Sundew as I see it :)


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