The Super 1-1 Challenge – Game Jam Build Download

The Super 1-1 Challenge is a fantastic fan made Mario first person shooter set in a modern reimagining of level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.

Created for the Mapcore Monthly Discord Challenge, The Super 1-1 Challenge is a time trial Mario FPS where your aim is to race through the level and collect all the gold coins and the red coins in as fast a time as possible. There are 160 gold coins and 8 red coins hidden around the open game world so it can take a little time to find them all and finding the fastest route through them all will take even longer.

The reimagining of level 1-1 looks fantastic, with lots of fun little secrets to discover and lots of little subtle nods to the original level. Mario controls much like he does in Mario 64, but with the view switched to first person and the ability to use a plunger-gun to smash blocks and shoot Goombas with. Collecting mushrooms upgrades the power of the gun to give you more distance and allow you to break blocks.

Obviously Nintendo would never dream of making a Mario FPS, but if they ever did you could imagine it would be very much like The Super 1-1 Challenge. It’s packed with great little details and it nails the cheery playfulness of the Mario games. Even though it is technically a FPS, it’s still really more about exploration and platforming than shooting. A superb fan game that’s as high a quality as you’d expect from the Big N themselves. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: The Super 1-1 Challenge has just had a big update with gorgeous new visuals and some cool new secrets! The Super 1-1 Challenge is now even more super!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Super 1-1 Challenge Here (Windows)