The Superfluous – Alpha Download

The Superfluous game

The Superfluous is a very cool roguelite, squad-based sci-fi spellunking action platformer in which you control a crack team of astronauts who are on a mission to destroy a meteor that will destroy the Earth in 1000 years time.

Gameplay-wise, as you’re shooting and digging your way though an array of randomly generated cave systems, The Superfluous is fondly reminiscent of Spellunky. It’s far more than just a Spellunky-like though – it features a progression that has preeminent unlocks, local co-op, a fun sci-fi story inspired by the works of Asiimov, Clark, Wells and others, boss fights and a unique squad based system that allows you to switch between four different crew members instantly.

The squad is an important element in The Superfluous. At the start of each mission you can choose four crew members from a selection of different classes such as healers, miners, heavy weapons and explosives experts. Finding the right balance is important as the caves are deadly and the perma-death system means that any crew member that dies will lose all it’s unlocks and upgrades.

It’s still early in development, but The Superfluous impresses with it’s fun sense of humor, squad-based exploration, challenging difficulty and addictive roguelite gameplay. Like the vast network of caves you’re exploring – this sci-fi spellunking roguelike has plenty of depth.

Download The Superfluous Alpha Here (Windows)