The Synchronist – Game Jam Build

The Synchronist is a fun little game that’s made for people who love fiddling with settings, as you attempt to adjust sliders to make the picture on your screen line up perfectly.

In The Synchronist your aim is to adjust the settings of the red visuals so that they align perfectly with the black ones. You do this by adjusting the sliders at the bottom of the screen, but the sliders do different things on each level so you have to experiment with them. There are only 10 levels, but they get pretty tough – especially once multiple moving objects are introduced.

It’s a simple but fun game that taps into that same obsession you get when fiddling around with your various TV settings to be the best picture (especially in the good old days of analogue and VHS tracking). A clever and challenging little puzzler well worth synching up with.

Play The Synchronist Here (Browser)