The TakeOver – Prototype Download

The TakeOver

The TakeOver is a great new arcade brawler inspired by classics like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, that gives a snazzy modern lick of paint to some unashamedly retro, arcade beat-em up action.

The TakeOver very much feels like a HD version of Final Fight – even the current playable character main character is remarkably similar to Cody.  It’s a game that wears it’s inspiration with pride and deliberately makes design choices to honor the classic beat-em-ups of the 90’s.  The controls are fairly simple, with four action buttons – punch, kick, jump and special.  The combat has deliberately more slow paced than modern day beat-em-ups to allow players to use a little strategy, instead of just hammering the buttons.

The current build features one full playable level and one survival arena.  The full game will have four playable characters and seven stages to battle across.  The dev has decided some of these already, but is also keen to hear suggestions and feedback from the gaming community.  We’d love to see a Hagar-like join the crew, but if it borrows too much more from Final Fight, Capcoms lawyers might be on the phone!  Hopefully not though, as The TakeOver really is shaping up to be an awesome slice of retro beat-em-up action.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Of The TakeOver Here

UPDATE: This Prototype Is No Longer Available