The Talos Principle – Public Test (Steam)

The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is an impressive first person puzzler with philosophical leanings that features beautiful visuals, a nice sense of humour and inventive puzzle design that rewards lateral thinking.

The Public Test is open for a limited time only and features the first four puzzles of The Talos Principle.  You’re given free roam to explore a large island containing the first 3 puzzles and a strange computer terminal, with the fourth puzzle area being unlocked after completing the first three.  Things start off pretty simply with the first two, but the third one is where things really get interesting, offering up the sort of clever puzzle design that rivals anything seen in Portal.

The full game will feature more than 120 puzzles to solve while exploring the beautiful world full of advanced technology.  There is also a philosophical side to The Talos Principle, with you deciding if you have faith in your creators requests or starting asking questions (Such as who you are or what your purpose it).

With it’s puzzles that reward lateral thinking, gorgeous visuals, non-linear progression and interesting storyline, The Talos Principle is shaping wonderfully – an inventive puzzle adventure that looks set to rival the Portal games for invention and wit.

Note: The 3rd puzzle is pretty tricky! Highlight the following section if you’d like a hint: (Just because something’s not in the puzzle’s area, doesn’t mean you can’t use it!)

Download Sigils of Elohim (a prelude mini game) HERE (Steam)

Download The Talos Principle HERE (Steam)

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