The Tell-Tale Heart – Prototype Download

tell tale heart

The Tell-Tale Heart is a creepy adaptation of the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, in which you must get away with the murder you’ve committed, with detectives investigating your house, unaware of what lies beneath their feet…

The Tell-Tale Heart is a prototype for a much larger project by One Blue Eye Studios, called House of Usher.  It’s a whodunit mystery, but instead of playing the detective, you’re the murderer who must remain calm, hide evidence and answer the detectives questions convincingly, all while the voice in your head (the old man you’ve just killed), goads you into making a slip-up.

It’s a creepy and rather unsettling experience with a striking visual style and a voiceover that really gets under your skin.  In The Tell Tale Heart you can get away with murder.  The only question is can you live with it?

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Download The Tell-Tale Heart Prototype HERE (Win & Mac)