The Tenth Line – Alpha Demo

the tenth line

The Tenth Line is a promising new 2D side scrolling RPG adventure that combines turn based combat with puzzle platforming sections that feature Trine-esque character swapping, as you attempt to help a kidnapped princess get back to her father.

In The Tenth Line you control a small band of heroes who are aiding a princess getting back to her father after the was kidnapped by occultists that were going to use her as a sacrifice. She’s now a long way from home, and although she is pretty proficient with a sword, she’ll need some assistance if she’s going to make it through the hordes of enemies that lie in wait. Thankfully Rik and Tox, two anthropomorphic beastmen, come to her aid and offer to escort her back in exchange for a reward, and you’ll recruit more powerful allies along the way too.

The Tenth Line plays like a side scrolling puzzle platforming adventure, interspersed with tactical turn based combat that occurs when you encounter enemies. In the platforming sections you can freely switch between each of your players (a little like Trine), and use their unique skills and abilities to overcome obstacles. When you come face to face with an enemy, the unique turn based combat system blends fast paced action with tactical depth very well, with you able to pull of character specific blocks (if you’re fast enough), select from a variety of actions, then perform them in real time at the press of a button.

It’s an impressive RPG adventure that shows a lot of promise, with lush pixel art visuals, quirky characters, fun puzzle platforming, character switching, fast paced turn based combat, and even an in-game card game to play. A unique and quirky RPG adventure that’s well worth checking out.

Download The Tenth Line’s Alpha Demo Build Here (Win & Mac)