The Terrible Beast From The East – Alpha Download

The Terrible Beast From The East Game Download

The Terrible Beast From The East is a massively multiplayer 2D RPG in which success in combat is all about creating powerful builds for your characters and collecting lots of cool loot.

The Terrible Beast From The East offers an easily accessible, casual approach to MMORPG gaming that streamlines the whole experience down to collecting loot, levelling up characters and going on bite sized raids set in a single screen. You start in a town that serves as a social area where you can chat, team up with other players, select your fighting stance and purchase or craft new weapons and equipment.

You can then set out on one of the mini dungeon raids, in which you and up to three other players join forces and do battle against hordes of enemies and bosses. In these raids you don’t actually have any control of your character’s movement, they stand fixed, firmly in the center of the screen – instead you use the mouse to click on monsters to attack them as they approach to the left and right of you. During each raid you’ll level up character attributes and select which skills you’d like to learn – these are lost after each raid (but you earn XP to level up your character), allowing you to experiment with different builds in each raid.

It’s an interesting take on the MMORPG genre that may not be for those who crave action and skill based combat, but is certainly worth checking out is you love loot, stats and experimenting with different character builds. It’s still very early in development but it’s the artwork and character designs are excellent, the gameplay is fun and it has a welcoming community. A fun place to chill out and enjoy some easilly accessible monster slaying.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available