The Terry Pebble Show – Game Jam Build Download

The Terry Pebble Show is a funny little narrative experience that puts you in the role of a daytime talk show host who deals with guests who can’t seem to get enough of the things they love.

Terry Pebble is the host of a fairly tacky daytime talk show, akin to Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer (without all the fighting). The theme of your show today is “the more you have, the worse it is”, with your guests including a man who’s obsessed with cats even though he’s severely allergic to them and a woman who can’t stop having babies with people called Calum (can’t really blame her for that though, it is a very sexy name!)

Your job as the talk show host is to listen to their stories and decide whether to show compassion or show them tough love. There’s no real logic to which choices you make but at the end of the show you’ll get a rating depending on how well you did.

The gameplay is fairly simple, but much like Point Bleep Studios other games (How to Cope With Boredom and Loneliness, Murder 38 and Super Helpfulman), it’s the characters, witty dialogue and voice acting that really make it worth checking out – especially when Terry lets rip with his put downs!

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Download The Terry Pebble Show Here (Windows)