THE THIRD ONE – Game Jam Build Download

THE THIRD ONE is a short and silly Half Life parody that sees you bashing headcrabs with your crowbar and chatting to old friends as you finally conclude the Half Life trilogy.

Played entirely with the mouse, in THE THIRD ONE you swing around Gordon’s crowbar arm to smash headcrabs as you continue ever onwards down a corridor. Gordon’s been away for a long time, but he can still swing a crowbar like the best of them so dispatching the headcrabs is quite simple – you just move the mouse to swing the crowbar. As you travel on down the corridor towards your goal you’ll meet old friends and enemies, none of which can quite remember your name. They’ll all chat for a bit then let you carry on with your headcrab crushing corridor adventure.

It’s not the most responsive of games when it comes to the combat and it’s pretty basic gameplaywise, but THE THIRD ONE is well worth checking out for the witty writing and familiar faces. A fun little adventure that’s a wonderfully silly final instalment of a trilogy two decades in the making.

Note: THE THIRD ONE also has a Halloween Edition that we’d highly recommend checking out after completing the normal version. It’s very different and just as funny.

Download THE THIRD ONE Here (Windows)