The Third Shift – Alpha Demo

The Third Shift is a darkly humorous Gameboy styled survival horror adventure set during the night shift in a freaky museum where the exhibits are keen to make you an ex-security guard!

In The Third Shift you take on the role of a new security guard employee at the Roanoke Museum of History and Wonder. Roanoke Island was the place a whole community disappeared from without a trace in the 16th century, but don’t worry, there will surely be no strange occurrences tonight!

You’re working the night shift along with your mentor who talks to you on the radio and keeps an eye on you via the security camera feeds. The game mixes third person exploration with point and click puzzle adventure gameplay as you switch between the view of you mentor and your character’s own view.

The current build of The Third Shift features oven an hour’s worth of gameplay and has a nice blend of exploration, puzzle solving, humor and horror. The pixel art animation is fantastic and there are lots of strange exhibits to discover as you explore the creepy old museum, some of which are far from friendly! You’ll need your wits about you to stay safe while dealing with the various emergencies that crop up. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Third Shift Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Android)