The Tithe – Student Game

The Tithe is a freaky little first person horror game where you bid farewell to your wife and child as you descend into the depths of your basement to keep a bloodthirsty beast at bay.

In The Tithe you take on the role of the oldest living descendant of a long line of family members who have been cursed with a heavy burden. It started when an early relative of yours was tricked into buying a house and told that there were rich old deposits on the land below it. While digging for the oil, he unearthed en ungodly evil entity which granted his descendants the power of “Othersight”, but must be kept at bay by a family member going into the basement to confront it every few years. As the oldest living family member, it is now your turn…

To keep the beast at bay you need to explore your labyrinthine basement, light three special paschal candles, then descend further into the depths to face your fate. To find the locations of the candles you can use your Othersight ability, which allows you to see them through walls, but it will also draw the attention of a beast that roams the halls (if it catches you then it’s game over).

The actual monster-chasing maze exploration gameplay of The Tithe is nothing new, but it’s got a great sense of atmosphere, it doesn’t rely on jump scares and the Othersight abilities are handy. It’s the lore that’s most interesting about the game though, with the intro (and ending) being incredibly well written and really setting the stage for the dread-filled task ahead of you. It makes a big difference and elevates the game into being much more than just another maze and monster-chase horror game.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tithe Here (Windows)