The Tower – Game Jam Build Download

The Tower is a stylish third person platformer with stealth elements that sees you avoiding ghosts and using your inner light to light up the darkness.

The Tower draws inspiration from the classic Stanley Kubrick quote “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light”. You’re a lone protagonist with a small flame burning inside you, but with a little work you’ll be able to climb the tower and light up the vast shadowy land that stands before you.

Your character is a lantern/man hybrid, with a small flame burning in his chest. You can use this flame to light large lanterns that are scattered across the game world that serve as checkpoints you respawn at when you die or relight your flame when it goes out.

There are ghosts that roam the land who really don’t enjoy your light, so will chase you and extinguish it if they spot you. You have no means of combat so your best option is to sneak past them and avoid them altogether. You do have one useful ability though, pressing the left trigger (or the RMB) will initiate blink aim and bullet time, allowing you to aim then press the right trigger (or the LMB) to instantly teleport short distances – useful for platforming and for avoiding ghosts.

The game world of The Tower is a beautiful place to explore while your light is shining, but it can get pretty sinister when your light goes out. The full game takes around 10 minutes to complete and really impresses with it’s stylish low poly visuals, fun stealth platforming gameplay and fantastic sense of atmosphere. A fabulous little adventure well worth shining a light on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tower Here (Windows)