The Tower of Tortenna – Game Jam Build Download

The Tower of Tortenna is a beautiful, chilled out first person puzzle adventure that sees you exploring a deserted tower, searching for keys to activate a mysterious machine and figuring out what happened to the tower’s previous occupants.

Your main objective in The Tower of Tortenna is to find the four keys hidden around the tower and figure out where to place them to activate a mysterious machine. As you explore you’ll also find notes that help build a backstory about what events transpired there, as well as give hints about where the keys should be placed.

The Tower of Tortenna is a very slow paced game, with no run button and lots of backtracking (due to the fact that you can only carry one object at a time). This can be a little frustrating initially, but once you get used to the sedate pace it can be a very relaxing experience as you wander around the tower, taking in the beautiful vistas and marvelling at the architecture.

It’s super slow pace won’t be for everybody, but those that persevere will find a wonderfully chilled out adventure full of awe and mystery. A stylish and serene experience well worth checking out.

Download The Tower of Tortenna Here (Windows & Mac)