The Travels Of The Dung Beetle – Game Jam Build

dung beetle

The Travels Of The Dung Beetle is a cute, little Katamari-esque collecting game built for My First Game Jam where you play as a dung beetle rolling up bits of poop.

Dung beetles are not exactly known for being the Animal Kingdom’s most beloved insect, and so one would think that a game about building a big ball of fecal matter wouldn’t come across nearly as charming as The Travels Of The Dung Beetle manages to be. From its cutesy soundtrack to its beautiful, pastel environments, everything about the game simply screams cute. In fact, it’s hard not to chuckle at the delightful contrast created between the game’s kind of icky subject matter and its wonderful art direction.

Unfortunately, The Travels Of The Dung Beetle has its share of issues with optimization. The beetle’s momentum and tank controls are not game-breaking per say, but when coupled with some severe lag, the game’s charm is ever so slightly tarnished. We ended up accidentally rolling past our targeted dung on quite a few occasions, as the unresponsive controls sent us skidding in the wrong direction. In one memorable case, we even had launch our bug friend into the abyss in order to reset the level! Still, being that the game is the very first attempt by the developer to build a game, we can forgive most of these issues. Even in its current unpolished state, we highly recommend visiting the world of The Travels Of The Dung Beetle; it really is a journey well worth taking.

Download The Travels Of The Dung Beetle Here (Win & Mac)

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