The Treasure of Loch Inch – Game Jam Build Download

The Treasure of Loch Inch Game

The Treasure of Loch Inch, a short Monkey Island-esque point and click adventure set in the Scottish Highlands, has you attempting to find lost treasure in the middle of an island in Loch Inch!

Your professor left you a book of notes, explaining exactly where the lost treasure is. There are rumors there is a treasure on a small island in the loch, however no one has been able to find it. You feel that with your professors notes, you can figure out exactly where the treasure is amongst the ruins.

Getting to this small island will be the real challenge. It is quite late at night, but you are very determined to make it there and claim the treasure before anyone else notices. To do this, you must find a way to travel across the ocean. You can explore the mainland, speak to some quirky fishermen, and even hang out with a sheep – well – hang out near a sheep (as you are very afraid of sheep!)

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, The Treasure of Loch Inch is a fairly brief adventure, but a very funny one at that. The characters you interact with (as well as your own character) are full of humor and personality. If you enjoy a bit of old school Lucastarts-style adventuring it’s well worth searching for the treasure of Loch Inch Island!

Download The Treasure of Loch Inch Here (Win Only)