The Tribe – Alpha Download

the tribe

The Tribe is a unique tactical runner, in which you march your tribe onwards to new land, gathering food and hunting animals as you go.

In this game, you play as the Shaman of the tribe. This means that you are in charge of all of the tribes people. You are the wisest of the tribesmen and make decisions for them as a whole. Each day, the tribe must run along the lands, collecting food and avoiding danger. Things like moose and berry bushes can produce food for the tribe. This food is then used up during the day as the tribe runs. You must have the right command selected when you run over a bush or moose. Moose need to be killed with a spear, where as a bush needs to be picked by hand. Other commands require a bit of thinking; you can sacrifice some of your tribesmen for food, or gain some more tribesman to eat food. Some dangers will dwindle the number of men in your tribe.

Bridges, larger animals, and other tribes could be dangerous to your little group. You are able to split your tribe into different groups to avoid or become big enough to destroy these threats. At the end of each night or day, you tend to find a different tribe to rest up with. Currently, these tribes only have one event for you to do; a massive hunt. You can also choose to sleep the night or go back to running, depending on how well the event turns out.

It’s an interesting blend of strategy and action, with fast paced gameplay that really asks you to think on your feet. You’ll have to think quick if you don’t want these cavemen to go extinct!

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