The Turgenev Study – Game Jam Build Download

The Turgenev Study is a fast paced little roguelite dodge ‘em up where you assimilate bacterial DNA while attempting to survive in a petri dish filled with them.

Created for Ludum Dare 51, in The Turgenev Study you are a scientist who’s attempting to carry out important research on multiple types of bacteria. You control a little agent that can dart around a petri dish filled with different types of bacteria. Touching the bacteria harms the agent (so you need to dodge them), but every ten seconds you can absorb bacteria surrounding you to help you level up. Once levelled up you can collide with a bacteria and assimilate their DNA, giving you access to some of their passive abilities.

It’s a very tough, but very addictive game with a cleverly implemented upgrade system, fast paced gameplay and a great pixel art visual style. This bacterial roguelike is very infectious!

Download The Turgenev Study Here (Windows)