The Tutorial – Game Jam Build

The Tutorial is a fun and infuriating rage-quit puzzle platformer that trolls you with bad advice and booby traps as you try to make your way through a short in-game tutorial.

In The Tutorial you control an adorable looking little pill shaped robot that must make its way through a short tutorial section at the start of a game. Unfortunately this tutorial is the total opposite of user friendly and seems to be actively trying to kill you with hidden booby traps and misleading instructions.

The Tutorial is genuinely infuriating at times, mainly because there’s no checkpoint system, so each time you die you go back to the start. That’s kind of the point though and the platforming is a lot of fun – especially thanks to the charming soundtrack, excellent animation and humorous booby traps. It’s well worth checking out and it certainly beats the original Driver game for hardest tutorial level ever!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tutorial Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “The Tutorial – Game Jam Build”

  1. Not having a checkpoint system brings this from being half decent to just straight up garbage. Forcing the player to repeat the exact same sequence is not fun or engaging. If the goal was to make a bad game that wastes the player time then you were successful but if it was supposed to be fun then it was a failure. And saying that the point is that it’s supposed to be frustrating doesn’t make any sense. You can make a game frustrating or trolly while still giving checkpoints. Have you played I Wanna Be the Guy? You should it’s a much better game. Another problem is that what you are actually supposed to do in each room is left completely vague. The idea presented is that you should not be following the advice of the text but sometimes you do have to press the buttons it tells you to in order to progress and sometimes it’s entirely unclear why some things work and some things don’t which is entirely unacceptable when you have no checkpoints and death sends you right back to the beginning and getting back can take you a few minutes. Like you can’t blame yourself for any mistakes because you have absolutely no idea what you are doing right or wrong. It’s really bad. I will say that the art was solid and I liked the animations. I would not have been so harsh on this game if you had added checkpoints but it is honestly completely unacceptable. I completed the game out of pure spite and it really wasn’t worth it but here I am. Overall 2/10 I hope you guys can make something better next time.

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