The Underground King – Alpha Download

The Underground King Game Download

The Underground King is a fun new narrative-driven racing strategy RPG game in which you build cars, recruit some rather shady looking drivers and compete in street races for fame and fortune!

The Underground King offers a racing management simulation experience that’s a far cry from the glitz and glamor of Formula 1. Instead of finely tuned multimillion dollar race cars you’ll be racing scrapyard cars, fixing them up on a very tight budget and recruiting some very dodgy drivers to race them.

As well as cheery 2D visuals and multiple types of race across diverse locations, The Underground King also features procedurally generated content, random events and a rich game world with an interesting backstory to discover. There’s plenty of different combinations of racers and rides to try out and races are fast paced and chaotic affairs that see you competing against other racers and using a variety of different skills such as boosts and jumps that are on a cooldown timer.

As well as being a fun game, The Underground King is also the final game ever to be submitted to Steam’s Greenlight system (Valve are retiring it in favour of “Steam Direct’). Greenlight may to have been perfect, but it’s certainly allowed a lot of great indies to make it onto Steam and at least with The Underground King it looks like Greenlight will end with a bang rather than a whimper.

Note: We had a couple of issues with the game crashing just before the race starts, requiring us to restart the game. This only happened occasionally though, and may just be specific to our PC set up.

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Download The Underground King Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Hi! Appologies for the crashes. Its still an early alpha build. If you can send the details of your circumstances to alex(at), I can try to reproduce and fix it!

    • Hi Alexandru, yeah it’s no big deal, we’re used to the occasional bug in the games we cover here! It was just a case of the screen freezing at the start of the races now and again. It may be due to the PC it was tested on, will try again with another one and get back to you. :)

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