The Unexpected Quest – Alpha Demo

The Unexpected Quest is an addictive casual strategy game with time management elements and RPG-style quests, which sees you building settlements, collecting loot and battling monsters in a fantasy world.

In The Unexpected Quest you command your units to gather resources, build structures and fight enemies much like in a traditional RTS game. However, the progression system has more in common with an incremental clicker and it’s very unlikely that you’ll ‘lose’ the game – your tactics just affect how long it takes to win.

The current demo build of The Unexpected Quest features one level which takes around an hour to playthrough. You are given main objectives (activate three altars then open a portal), and you can also carry out side-quests – such as feeding hungry dragons, recovering a sacred sword or collecting mushrooms.

As you progress you’ll collect lots of loot and some useful spells that can come in handy during battle. Some of your units may die while fighting the enemy orks that surround your settlement, but they won’t attack your settlement, so it’s impossible to fail.

Even with the fact that there’s no real peril for your settlement The Unexpected Quest still manages to be a very addictive RTS experience. It’d be nice to set up some way for your units to auto-harvest resources, and it’d be handy if you could order more than one unit to attack at a time, but it’s a fun game with a game world that’s full of interesting things to discover. An unexpected quest well worth embarking on.

Download The Unexpected Quest Alpha Demo Here (Windows)