The Unhuman – Game Jam Build Download

Unhiman Game Download

The Unhuman, a narrative adventure made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you deciding if you are going to spend your remaining battery life helping out human.

You are a robot who has awoken in the storage area of a bunker. You do not have much battery life left in you, but you also don’t have any real plans on what you are doing with this power yourself. That is, until a human contacts you asking for help. As it turns out, another human is in this bunker, hidden away from you. They do not know why they are here, but do have a map of the area as well as the ability to see through your camera.

You can decide to spend your remaining energy by following what this human says – recharging areas along the way and using energy to open doors, or you can keep yourself alive. Depending on what you do along the way, the endings and paths in this game will change. The human seems quite nice, it even looks at you as a friend. However, it is still asking for all of your energy – which is potentially your life. Is saving the human’s life worth sacrificing your own?

Download The Unhuman Here (Windows)