The Union – Pre-Alpha Download

The Union Game

The Union is a great looking fantasy turn based strategy game in which zombies, skeletons and demons square off in strategic hex-based combat.

Set in a world where the war between light and darkness has already been won (by darkness!).  The puny humans, elves and dwarves have been squashed, but peace never lasts long and now another war has broken out – between zombies, skeletons and demons.

Gameplay is similar to X-COM, with players taking it in turn to move their teams and attack.  Each unit has their own strengths and weaknesses, and there are attack bonuses for circling around an enemy and attacking from behind.  Interestingly, you must choose what type of attack you’ll use before you move, and the type of attack affects the distance you can move.

The current build features four different levels to play through.  It’s still very early in development, but The Union already impresses with it’s excellent visuals, great character design and strategic gameplay.

Note:  You must select your attack (with 1,2 & 3) BEFORE you move.  (Watching the Tutorial is recommended)

Check Out The Greenlight Page HERE

Check Out A Tutorial Video HERE

Download The Union Pre-Alpha Build HERE (Windows)