The Unique Adventure – Alpha Demo

A Unique Adventure Game Downlaodw

The Unique Adventure is a funny fourth wall breaking Stanley Parable-esque first person adventure in which you play the hapless Bob, who follows (or ignores) the instructions of the narrator as he attempts to escape a strange apartment block he woke up in after having a little too much to drink.

In The Unique Adventure you help Bob, a fairly moronic individual who bangs his head and passes out while drunkenly attempting to scale his ex-girlfriends backyard fence. Bob then wakes up in a very odd apartment accompanied by a narrator who simultaneously helps and hinders his situation in a variety of humorous ways. The current Demo build takes around 15 minutes to complete and there are branching pathways, mazes, drunken control schemes and puzzles to contend with as you make your way to one of the demo’s two possible endings. It’s a fun adventure, peppered with silly surprises, witty dialogue and funny little touches – such as being able to watch cute little cats videos on the TV.

The humor and narrative is very much inspired by The Stanley Parable (there’s even a fun little nod to it near the end), and while it doesn’t quite reach the heights of Stanley’s adventures, it’s a great little romp, packed full of fun twists, fourth wall-breaking humor, and silly little in-jokes. Maybe not totally unique, but a hell of a lot of fun!

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